Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just washing my balls.

I have been teaching Jonah the importance of washing his balls. It seems he's getting it.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of School

Just wanted to mention a funny thought I had while walking to school. It always seems like the first day or even week of school there is a lot of perfume lingering around. But after that it seems to die off a lot. Like people are trying so hard to make a good first impression. But don't care any more after all the excitment goes away from being new to school. Ellie Katies friend is in one of my classes. Awkward. Just to show you that every time you decide to change a major the younger your classes get. I just can't believe they are in college. I also made a friend today. His name is Xu Ling. You pernounce it, (Shoe.) He didn't seem impressed that I knew how to pernounce it from seeing him write it. He is from Bejing, and seems like a good kid. He says that it seems popular if you are married to play frisbee around here. Why he asked. All you do is say here you go, now throw it back to me. I explained Ultimate to him. He still didn't get the point.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

where oh where could he be?

I love him so much..

OK first off, I know when Dustin reads this he will be shaking his head at me...this happens often, he is far more cautious then me. Today, well yesterday since it is early morning now, I lost Jonah in Ross for 4 minutes. I was helping Isabelle and Mariah look for school clothes, he was 5 feet away from me near the toys. I was admiring one of the girls choices and glanced back to his spot, gone. I went around the corner expecting to see him, there was only an elderly lady and the most horrible stench. My first thought, he's pooped and he must be near! Second thought, wow that lady smells awful! (rude I know) I panicked asked Sara and the girls to help, I believe there were 2 more times I smelled that same nasty stench and couldn't see him. After what felt like forever, and the start of tears, Sara found him. She found him near the cash registers with a Tonka truck set, she said he looked like he was waiting in line to buy them. I think I shop to much. He of course was the source of the smell. I have a leash, he really hates it and throws tantrums when I put it on him, well the one time I put it on him. Plus people judge you, I got some nasty looks. I really am going to be more careful, I promise Dustin!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I apologize to everyone.

I am sorry for the long blog last week. I was just typing and did not realize the length of it. We all know I can TALK! But I will try and keep it short here on out. Today was a day where I didn't know what my future in tells. I still don't. But I was to the breaking point where I felt like I was going to ooze bodily fluids from my pores. I felt too much wait on me to handle. Then I had a impression. All the pressure lifted off my chest. I was happy and uplifted. Things are going to be okay. Just wanted to let you know that when you feel like you are at the end, He is there with you. Just hang in knowing that there will be a release just in time for your next trial. Love you guys.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Driving, driving, driving...

I went to Composites One today to pick up some resin and acetone for the shop. I have been trying to watch my speed a lot in the last year or so. I put the truck on cruise control the whole way down. Kept it at the speed limit. Anyway, one thing that always boggles my mind is most everyone else on the highway. Sure i'm not a great driver, I know that. But man, some people! People will be passing me with probebly a 10 MPH difference. Next thing I know I am passing them at over a 10 MPH difference. What?... Thats ruffly a 20 MPH speed flucuation. It will be in 1, and 1 and a 1/2 minute intervals too. So what, they are reving their engine to the max just to push on the brakes? Are they testing their brakes? Maybe, I guess. Then you have the people who tail you like a mad man. When you get over to let them pass, they do too! You have to speed up, pull some tricky manuver, just to get them far away from you cause their crazy! Also you have the impatiant drivers. They usually drive a BMW, Sequia, Caddy, or Acura. You occasionally get a teenager in a beater who has to impress others some way other than the coolness of his car. This is how it happens. You will be slowly passing someone on the left, than all of a sudden you have 5-6 cars from no where riding your butt. You give your sefl proper distance between you and the driver you just passed, you flip on the signal, then BAM!, all the cars from behind you hop into the right lane cutting off the guy you passed. They speed up giving you nasty looks for not pulling into the right lane. The teenager and Beemer man usually cut you off too, to let you know they are annoyed. So watch out for them. Last but no least one of the worse, the Sunday drivers. Why the worst? Cause unlike the other drivers who you can excape or will pass you and never see you again, you are stuck with these ones. They are the drivers who are driving behind another car going about 10 under. You are about to pass them and then they go to pass the car in front of them. The problem is that they never seem to pass them. So if you are in the last streach to Brigham and there are only two lanes, you're hosed. You gently ride up on them, back off, ride up, back off. Yeah, they never seem to grasp any concepts. It's like they are so high on life, with out a care in the world. What do they see? Is it like Zippity Do Daw in their head? Are cartoon birds singing on their shoulder? Do they imagine and enjoy a good talk with Aunt Jemima on their dash? What is going on? Well, next time I am going to put a big sign that says highly explosive with a nuclear symbol over it. They might stay away then. -Dustin

(for your viewing pleasure).

Jonah and I were shopping at Kohl's yesterday. He entertained himself by running back and forth down one of the children's isles. I happened to glance over at him as he stopped abruptly because he saw a jeep on a tee shirt, he traced the body of it with his finger and looked up at me with a big smile, "jeep." Then he did the head tilt smile and said, "Grandpa." It was pretty dang cute, he loves his Grandpa, and his jeep. :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Of course it rained.

Dad and I take all this time and leave late to finish this awsome contraption. So of course it rains the day we plan to go to the lake. Not only did it rain but was an awful night of damp cold Hell. Maybe that is too much over the top, but it sucked. Saturday was cold too, so we went to the hot springs in Preston. I don't think they would have let us try it out there. Plus there wasn't a wind. We will have to find time to do it before the summer ends. -Dustin

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I will sign mine "Dustin."

Abby wants us both to use the blog so that we can have a full account of our doings. I am listening to Ozomatli right now. Now Malo. Malo sounds like some marange (muh-rain-gay) with Carlos Santana as lead guitar. Its cool stuff. We have been trying to get things out the door at work and have been super busy. Despite this we, dad and I, have managed some time for a crazy boat thing for this weekend at Bear Lake. We took the two sail boards of Emily's and made a fiberglass piece that fits in between them. It will hold them together and make it like a sail board/catamaran. -Dustin
Thats the botom. We will put foam in it than put a top on it. We made it so that you can pull it apart still.

Monday, August 3, 2009

What was I thinking

So Jonah has recently shown a great deal of interest (as much as a one year old can show anyhow) in drawing and painting. I wanted to help him along so I bought an art easel, markers, paint the whole works. He loves it and draws on it daily. The other night we were watching Isabelle and Mariah, and playing pictionary on the easel. We were really into the game and didn't notice Jonah snatch a marker. Needless to say he has shown his talent on our wall, my treadmill, a dresser and probably other places yet to be seen. He was really proud of his markings on the wall and ran to get me, he excitedly showed the way. We love him.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Its bloggin' time!

Life gets busier all the time and I find my self slacking at keeping up with journals. Since this is a more exciting type of journal I hope to keep up at it! We have had a pretty slow summer, just work work work...for Dustin. Jonah and I seem to keep pretty busy or rather he keeps me busy. He gets cuter every day, He is so curious about everything. He points to everything around him and says "dat" (mothers interpretation, "whats that") He loves treats, especially chocolate. He can smell treats in his sleep I think. We love him so much, it is really hard not to spoil him, especially when he gets that sad face with those crocodile tears... Anyhow I hope that you can all enjoy this and get to know us a little better!