Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jonah's First Pumpkin Carve!

Since fall, Jonah has noticed the "punkin's" everywhere we go, he loves them. He loves scouting them out and drawing them. So we decided to let him carve a pumpkin, or rather watch Dustin carve the pumpkin. :) Of course we did a "choo choo" and Jonah thinks it is the coolest thing ever! He wanted my knife when i was cutting the top off, so we gave him a plastic one, he wasn't tricked though. He enjoyed helping me dig the seeds out, though he did make a nasty face at first. His favorite part of all though, was putting it on the porch and putting a candle in it! Oh, and taking the lid off and on. :)

Hard at work

The finished product

Pumpkin Walk

We went to the Pumpkin Walk this last weekend with Sara, Josh and their whole clan, Mars, and we even happened to run into Ann and Casey! There was a huge line to get inside, were still not sure why we stayed..But we did enjoy ourselves!

The girls were super excited about getting their pic with the witch! :) Jonah is busy watching the tiny pumpkin ride a tiny bicycle overhead.

I figured I better put one picture of the pumpkins, this was pretty cute, Jolley Green Giant.

They had this for the kids to try on a Star Wars one. He was pretty proud of himself for hitting it.

The walkway was lined with carved, lit pumpkins, and Jonah had to stop (like this) and look at each one. :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ann (What more could someone want?)

Ann is a great sister and all around gal.
We all love her to pieces.

What exactly Ann means to all of us would be hard to some up in words. She is just terrific! She has a great smile, and personality to go along with it. When ever Ann is around people are just happy.

Monday, October 12, 2009

American West Heritage Center

We went to the American West Heritage Center on Saturday with our friends, Ben and Meagan and their kids, Andrew and Olivia. We had so much fun, there was so much to do, the train, animals to pet, a corn maze, a giant slide, a pony ride, and lots of tractors everywhere. Jonah is obsessed with "choo choo's," when he saw the train there, he was in heaven. We went on it several times, not enough for him of course. He was really excited to see the baby goats, they were half his size so he kept chasing them around grabbing at their tails. He kept calling them, " aminals!" Had we let him him walk through the corn maze I think we would have slept there, he wanted to stop and admire every stalk of corn. He loved the big slide, but had more fun when he went with dustin. Dustin did flips and all kinds of crazy stuff while holding him...scared me a little.

He saw Andrew hiding in the corn, so he coppied. :)

Going for a Train ride, he really is beaming inside...

Andrew and Jonah chasing the chickens.

Dustin and Jonah going down the slide

He liked petting the horse.