Thursday, December 30, 2010


Dustin recently bought a big fancy printer so I decided I would start journal writing again since I can now print the pages out.

Oliver was born June 23, about 6 months ago. He was 9 days late, I was induced he would have been even later and even bigger if it would have been his way.. He was 9 lbs 7 oz. He was born early in the morning. I was in labor all night long, it was just Dustin and I, we took a lot of laps trying to get him to come.

You were surprisingly big, and you had so much dark hair. I was so excited to finally see you! You have such a sweet personality. You are quiet and reserved, and you love to smile. You love your big brother so much, Jonah can make you laugh harder then anyone. You look up to him a lot. You are a big boy you are around 18 lbs. We are so glad to have you!

Monday, March 1, 2010

FHE Tradition Continues On.

Jonah loves to sing, especially if he can wave a spoon around. It's fun to watch. Next time I might close the TV cabinet just in case he decides to get too crazy with it.
We wrote in our journals for FHE. We are going to do that each Monday now. Yeah for journals. I feel like it's a good idea ever since I became a Family History Consultant. Glad Abby had a start it again.

Potty Time!

Of course you got to have some reading material. You want to know the funniest thing about this picture? Jonah seems iffy about the whole poo and pee in the potty thing. So daddy felt he needed a wingman. I pulled out the little potty next to the toilet and went pee in it. It made the whole revving up sound. Jonah thought that it was pretty great. Hopefully I gave him some encouragement.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Family night is the best.

Jonah, Abby and I decided to go get some movies from BOOKS OF YESTERDAY. Jonah wanted to get the movie Cars. So we watched it before bedtime. Mommy and daddy had a blanket so Jonah wanted one too.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Birthday Boy!

If ever a kid was excited for a Birthday, it was Jonah. He has been obsessed with cakes, candles, "fireworks," (matches) and the Birthday song for months now. We had a few friends and family over for a party and he had a blast! He kept trying to open the gifts while no one was looking. :) He was just beaming the whole time and was so grateful to everyone that gave him gifts. He thanked everyone individually and hugged them.

We made, (what Dustin and I would call a sad mess) a Thomas cake. The cake we used was way to soft, the frosting was really drippy and he kind of looks like he is melting.. But Jonah loved him. He wanted us to sing Happy Birthday again and again.. We were prepared for a mess this time (unlike last year) we had him dressed down and on a table all to himself. He poked at the frosting for a minute and then asked for a fork.

He still talks about his "Thomas cake" or sometimes his "happy cake." I showed him some pictures of it yesterday and he said, "I wanna go there!"

I can't believe he is already two, time seems to go faster all the time and before I know it I will be sharing my love with three boys. :) Jonah is such a fun, creative, polite, and most of the time giving child. We have so much fun together during the day, I love how much he is learning every single day, sometimes I'm amazed at the things he says. I am so grateful to be a mom, I thank my heavenly father every day for him. He is my pal and I love him a lot.

Sneaking one of his gifts..

He really liked this monster truck.

Our melting Thomas :)

When he asked for a fork.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's another Boy!

We had our ultrasound today, and found out we are having another boy! Jonah's been telling us it was a "bruder" for a couple weeks now. I totally thought it was a girl for the first little while, mainly because my pregnancy had been so different. We are excited though, and we won't have to buy any clothes...that's nice. We didn't really get that many great pics, he was curled up in a little ball for most of it. They are mostly of his man parts. :)

Cute little bum..