Thursday, September 17, 2009

Flight of the Indian

Today I noticed a large Indian guy get up from his chair in my sociology class. What was so significant was that he looked exactly like Jemaine from Flight of the Concords. No lie. Serious, the hair the face structure, the mouth, the glasses... Even the way he walked! The only thing I couldn't tell was about his teeth. But really. No lie, an EXACT duplicate just with darker more chocolaty skin.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Going to bath myself!

Jonah decided he wasn't going to wait for mom or dad to help into the tub. I got too quiet. I came back to check on him, and this was what I found. -Dustin

Squirrel Nut Zippers!

Mandi gave me some of these candies the other day because they reminded her of me. I don't know why. Maybe because I ate a couple squirrels, or just because its a ridiculous name. In any case I got to thinking about the name and realized that there is a ska band called "Squirrel Nut Zippers". So I thought that they must be named after these candies. They were actually named after moon shine. Nut zipper is a term used for moon shine in the south. In the 1920's a man got drunk and climbed into a tree. The police came and tried to talk him down but he would not come down. A newspaper asked why, and his reply was simply, "It must have been the nut zipper". The title of the article was, "SQUIRREL NUT ZIPPER". So out of curiosity I looked up the history of the candy. Squirrel Brand Company made this new candy in the 1920's and needed a name. The article caught the attention of the owner. See, both the candy company and the newspaper that printed the article are in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The article ran during the same time the company was looking for a name. Nut Zipper's are now owned by NECCO. -Dustin

Thursday, September 10, 2009

What would I do?

What would I do with out Abby and Jonah? Really though. When Abby leaves to Salt Lake City or I'm just not around I get so lonely. Just from one night! Abby went to Slat Lake yesterday. Last night when I went to bed I saw that some of Jonah's PJ's where left on our bed. So what do I do? I sleep with them next to my face because they smell like Jonah. Sometimes, like any one I wonder how I would survive if they were taken from me. This is why I'm sure they won't be. Because I don't think I would survive. I love them so much. It will be nice to have all of lives in perfections gone so that we can devote all our self's to loving each other. Not having to worry about everything else.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I love my wife.

Abby and I came up to Boise today to see Emily her sister, get her endowments taken out. Everytime we are in a Temple session I get overwelmed with how pretty she is. I feel so lucky to be married to such a sweet, and beuatiful women. It's hard to not just stare at her the whole time. Today I was just very happy to be there with her. I love her a lot. I was watching her and she just glowed. Sometimes I just look at her and get happy. She is a good wife and mother. Jonah and I are blessed.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My little ball of curiosity

Jonah is now 19 months old, but has the attitude of a 2 and a half year old. He recently started going to nursery and learned that to get what he wants he just has to scream NO really loud while clenching his fists and making his whole body tremble. What happened to my sweet baby? Hes still there sometimes like when he wakes up in the morning and wants to cuddle, or when he wants me to read him books and he comes and sits in my lap. Unfortunately, I Mostly see the "I have gone bonkers" side. :) He is so curious about everything, he wants to know what everything is, what it's called, what it does and then he studies how it works. I hear this about 40 times a day, "Mama, what this?" We have lots of fun, and some days spend lots of time in time out...

His favorite thing to do right now is to ride his "bike." Its an old worn out Tricycle we got at a garage sale for a couple bucks. His legs are about a foot and a half to short to reach the peddles, so he uses his feet as peddles, and goes pretty fast, and has also mastered the steering. He watches all the neighbor kids ride their bikes and envies them by saying "WOW! Look Mama, bike." He is Also obsessed with trucks, or "bucks" as he says. He can spot one out of nowhere. He is also great at spotting Jeeps (since he loves Grandpa's) he even spots the Cherokees which don't really even look like a Jeep. He is all boy. His other favorite is to wrestle with Daddy when he gets home from work/School. He giggles and giggles and says, "gin, gin" (again) He is very much like a sponge right now and reemembers everything we tell him, everything he hears, whether we want him to or not... We love him so much, the tantrums and all.

Its hard to believe how fast he went from this...

To this...

To this...