Friday, November 13, 2009

So big..

So, this morning I was feeling extra sick and especially tired after another sleepless night. Dustin fed Jonah breakfast for me and headed off to work. I decided I needed to lye down for a bit, so I put Thomas on for Jonah and left my door open. About five minutes into the show, he rushed in saying, " 'mon mama, choo choo!" I told him mommy had to lay down just for a bit, so he ran back out to the t.v. A couple minutes later he comes running in again, stops and looks at me then goes over to a pile of clothes on the floor and grabs two articles. He rushes back to me and while handing me the clothes says, "here go mama" with a big grin on his face. He is so cute, I can hardly stand it sometimes! He is not my baby any more.. :(

This was this summer at Bear Lake, man he is cute. :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Jonah, Jonah, Jonah...

So last night Abby and Mary were getting ready to go work out. I was putting Jonah down for the night. He was increda-pissed because we made him stop drawing, (he didn't want to). He was screaming at me as I was walking out of the room. I happened to turn and glance at him as I turned around the door and he had climbed over the crib railing and was headed to the ground. His face broke his fall. It freaked me out. With in 1 second he had climbed and jumped to his doom. I grabbed a light, to check for dilation. Abby wanted to know. He is fine. I stayed in the room pretending to be asleep just to make sure he was safe. Abby was sure he wouldn't attempt it again. I kn ow those stubborn Auman jeans better though. He did attempt it two more times before I took apart his crib and put his mattress on the floor. He was so upset! Long story short after jumping on the bed and hitting his mouth hard on the side he had a pretty bad night. But now Abby and I need to get this whole bed thing going. The crib doesn't fit his needs anymore. Needs being, keeping him in it. Oh well. So the pages of our lives turn. (dude! I got the right lives. usually I put lifes). PS increda-pissed is a trade marked word. It means so mad that the person affected has no conscious thought processes. Is extremely red in the face with snot, tears, and heat protruding from the body, and much like the Hulk has no recollection of their doings when they awake from their rampage. Yes even a small man consisting of only 25 lbs of blood and guts can become very intimidating when increda-pissed.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloweenie Fun

So first off Friday night we had a Murder Mystery Party that my sisters threw for my Birthday. If you have never been to one you should, they are hilarious, kinda scandalous, but hilarious. Most of us were Italian, Sam, Ann, and Sara did a super job on their accents, so funny. It was just my family and all about deceit and affair, sounds terrible... Josh made his famous pasta, amazing. And Sara made a really yummy cheesecake. It was a really fun night, thanks again guys!

Halloween, Dustin had the clever idea last year of making Jonah, "Jonah in the Whale" we never got around to it. We figured next year he will have an opinion about what he wants to be, so we got an early start on it this year, and with some help from Jackie accomplished it pretty well. He was the cutest whale I've ever seen. We spent the day with Barney, Jackie, Kate, Mandi, Haylie, Sara, Bella, Rhi, Jacob and last but NOT least Ann! :) We started off at the mall, WAY too many people, and then hit up Main Street, and ended doing some around the neighborhood with Sara and the girls. When Jonah received his first piece of candy in his bucket, a tootsie roll, he immediately took a big bite out of it, wrapper and all! He hasn't done that since he was really little, not sure why he did it. He continued to instantly grab each piece of candy for the first 6 or 7. Needless to say he ate way too much candy that day, and really not much else. He didn't really get the whole going around to different stores thing, he really just wanted to eat his candy and play. He was so hyped up on candy he never took a nap, never stopped jumping around really and crashed hard at about 7.

Rocco Scarfazzi and Tara Misu, look at that chest hair... :)

Mama Rosa and Father Alfredo

Angel and Bo Jalais

Marco Roni, and Clair Voyant

We look good...

His first stop! He wasn't so eager like this every time.

Eating candy...

This was what he liked doing most. :)

Princess "Belle," she is really good at being a princess. :)

Ready to go!