Monday, December 7, 2009

About two months ago Jonah took a serious interest in drawing. He would draw all day if I would stay by his side and continually praise him, as well as draw with him. He chases me down and hands me a crayon saying, "here mama." He waits to make sure I follow him back to wherever his art easel may be. And if by chance I don't follow him, right away, he gives me a piece of his mind. His favorite things to draw are, but not limited to: choo choo, snowman, plane, any kind of animal, truck, jeep, and stars.(occasionally they really look like stars too) He prefers to color with markers, of course, however after way too many mishaps of him either dropping them or running down the hallway with them, they have disappeared.. Here are a few pictures of him hard at work. :)

This was one of those run down the hallway and back drawings. :)

"Helping" Dustin with his homework.

This is usually how much he draws in a day or two.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

In Honor of Finals Week

Abby & I Suck At Christmas!

So we got this really cool train table for Jonah. He will love it... or should I say he does love it. I saw it at home. (It came via UPS). I told Abby that it would be annoying to have to put it together Christmas day when we got home from SLC. So I told her that I should put it together in the back room so that we can just bring it out on Christmas. Next thing you know the table is together and Jonah and I are playing with his trains. I felt bad cause now it wouldn't so fun on Christmas morning. So after Jonah went to bed I packed it back into boxes hoping he would forget about it until Christmas.